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There are a lot of wine types available in the market. However, people usually only know about a few of them. The most famous wine types are red, rose, and white wine.

Red Wine – The most common type of wine. It is made out of grape skin. Therefore it has a dark color and entire body. It has a light fruity flavor and is commonly used in cooking.

Rose Wine – It is like white wine but has a slightly stronger taste and is more prone to oxidation.

White Wine –  is also made out of grapes, but the difference is that the grapes’ skin is taken off before fermentation. It does not contain any grape seeds, and therefore it does not make any sediment at all. The color of white wine ranges from transparent to golden-green and has a light and fresh flavor.

When people go to the wine stores, they usually seek for favorite type. However, if you are interested in tasting new wine types, the following list may be helpful.

Types of White Wine

We have collected some of the best white wine types you may never hear about. Three major types of white wine are Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, and Moscato. 

Chardonnay- Chardonnay is the most widely cultivated white grape since the 1990s. It’s either sparkling or still. It’s a great complement to fish (particularly salmon) and chicken dishes.

Chardonnay is the primary white wine of Burgundy. It is flexible and can be produced in most viticultural regions, with varying climatic conditions, to a high degree of success. Chardonnay ranks second among the white varieties, yet it only accounts for 2 percent of the world’s vine areas. All chardonnay vines cover over 160,000 hectares (400,000 acres).

Sauvignon blanc- It’s incredibly versatile and can be used with various foods like shellfish, poultry, and salads.

White Wine

Sauvignon blanc is produced in the Bordeaux area, where it is blended with Semillon and has a French origin. Some of the world’s most excellent Sauvignon blanc wines come from New Zealand and the Loire valley in France. Some Australian Sauvignon Blancs, produced in warmer climates, are flat and lack flavor complexity.

In the typical varietal wine, sauvignon blanc has a herbal flavor reminiscent of yellow bell pepper or freshly mown grass. The flavor profile for this wine can vary from sour green fruits like apples, pears, and gooseberries to tropical fruits such as melon or mango.

Moscato- The Moscato grape is a member of the Muscat family, including Moscatel and muscat ottonel.

Moscato is best-served solo, but sweet wines will complement dessert. Moscato is produced in most vine-friendly regions of the world, including Italy, the Rhône Valley (where it is known as muscat blanc à petits grains), and Austria (where it is known as Muskateller).

Moscato wines have a distinctive grapefruity and musky scent, which is often sweet and always fruity. Anyone who’s ever had a Muscat table grape would be able to identify Moscato wines.

Dry White Wine

Wine Types

Dry white wine is among the wine types people love but also among the least consumed. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that people today prefer sweeter wines and tend to avoid white wines unless they are sweet or sparkling.

Though dry white wines do exist, producers cannot fully determine how sweet or dry a wine will turn out to be by looking at the sugar levels of the used grapes. The weather conditions, especially rainfall during the growing season, have a significant impact on this process. As a result, some wines are made with less than the usual amount of sugar for dry wines, making them even riper and sweeter than normal.

Another reason why people avoid dry white wine is the amount of acid they contain. While this can be changed by adding acidity to the wine, most will probably want to know what wines are available that won’t irritate their throat or stomach.

Ice Wine

Ice wine is one of the least popular wine types. It’s made from frozen grapes that are still on the wine.

The sugar concentration in the grapes when they are frozen is exceptionally high(about 30%) because water freezes at 0℃ while sugar does not freeze until -24℃. The grapes are pressed while still on the vine and before they thaw, making the juice thicker and more concentrated.

It’s a type of dessert wine that gets its perfect taste due to this process.

However, the production of ice wine is pretty complicated and requires special equipment. Making ice wine wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t use special equipment(a cordon).

Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine

Strawberry wine is a fermentation of fruit juice, just like any other kind of wine.

Strawberries are typically used to make strawberry wine, with high sugar content. The components of strawberry wine are straightforward: strawberries with boiling water, lemon juice, and sugar. The berries are mashed, and hot water and lemon juice are added. After a week, the mixture is left to stir for a few minutes (mixed once a day).

The strawberries are mashed; then, the sugar is added and drained. The sugar activates the fermentation process.

 Leave it in the crock for approximately a week, then pour into large glass wine bottles and cork loosely.

Apricot Wine

The secret to delicious apricot wine is to obtain the sweetest, juiciest apricots you can find. Unfortunately, most supermarkets seem to have apricots that have been picked too early and have the same amount of resilience as a tennis ball.

When making wine from apricots, ensure they are fully ripe on the tree and in the sun. If you have a tree, pick your apricots to the precise second when they’re at their peak. 

Add dried apricots to your apricot wine recipe as a further boost of taste and body.

Water has been removed from dried fruit to give a more full-bodied taste and a higher sugar content. This results in a powerful punch of flavor and sweetness, resulting in a concentrated wine.

To Conclude

Wine is known as an alcoholic beverage made out of fermented grape juice and produced in different parts of the world, such as France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, among others. It is important to note that one can drink wine even during the Keto diet.

There are many wine types you can find in the market. People usually prefer the ones their friends and beloved ones suggest. But it would be better if you also tried to research the wine types by yourself to get a feel of how delicious they taste. You can start tasting wines at parties, events, and other occasions.

Wine experts say that you must take time to appreciate its mixtures of tastes on your palette, so you will know if it is a good drink or not. You must also know the right time to sip a bottle of fine wine without rushing it at all.

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