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Cannabis Delivery Services

Despite the global death toll that continues to rise on account of the coronavirus pandemic and anxiety for Americans with regard to the unemployment rate, many owners of cannabis dispensaries across the country have reported that business is still thriving.

Designated by many cities as “essential businesses,” legal weed suppliers from Oakland, California, to Denver have been reporting long lines of customers outside their shops wanting to buy cannabis tea, similar to those recently seen at entrances to pharmacies and grocery stores.

States across the country have considered marijuana dispensaries essential during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the crisis, marijuana sales, cannabis delivery, and marijuana delivery skyrocketed for mental health treatment and recreational use.

People might not be able to go out for their usual outdoor activities prior to the outbreak, but they can still stock up on marijuana.

Is Marijuana Delivery In Demand During The Current Coronavirus Crisis?

The extensive worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has put uncertainty and tight pressure on many industries. 

But, one field that isn’t being badly affected is the marijuana industry.

Unmistakably, the anxiety over future access to cannabis resulted from reports of stricter rules in other states. That said, many customers that rely on weed are experiencing worry over the uncertainty of marijuana delivery services.

Many businesses in the industry have been experiencing a surge in deliveries (even CBD delivery) during the quarantine. 

In Massachusetts sales for recreational use have been banned, limiting stores to serving medical marijuana. Nevada puts a temporary hold on in-person sales and only allows cannabis delivery. Michigan sales must be done by online marijuana delivery or curbside.

Since Nevada’s cannabis industry temporarily switched to delivery-only purchases, purveyors have cut short purchasing windows, grown their delivery (including CBD oil delivery) vehicle fleets and set priority times for marijuana delivery medical patients. 

In March, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak mandated all marijuana retail storefronts close shop in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus statewide.

Sisolak allowed shops to carry on with at-home CBD delivery and online marijuana delivery because it is deemed an “essential business” especially since it is classified as a medicine by some. 

Cannabis is recommended by many physicians to help treat a variety of conditions and illnesses including chronic pain, cancer, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Are Marijuana Dispensaries Allowed To Operate During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Just like restaurants, In most cases, marijuana businesses must adhere to restricting themselves to taking orders for curbside pickup or delivery.

In many states, cannabis businesses are being careful to follow standards defined by the federal government to ensure they are deemed essential and can operate during business hours.

Regulators in Nevada have allowed dispensaries and recreational stores to operate by taking orders from customers over the phone, or online. These preventative measures are strictly implemented to avoid crowds lining up.

Illinois paused recreational weed sales, but medical marijuana patients are allowed and authorized to pick up orders curbside or in parking lots.

Stay-at-home CBD Order 

Buy CBD online during coronavirus

Almost all state governments across the nation have deemed medical marijuana companies “essential” in this coronavirus pandemic. This affords the vast majority of marijuana shops to continue business operations after residents were told to stay at home, and many businesses were ordered to temporarily close, or halt their operations.

Here’s where each state – with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia – with some form of district-wide, statewide, or territory-wide stay-at-home order stands as of the morning of April 2, 2020. 

Brands Supporting Online Dispensary Delivery During Coronavirus 


A dispensary based in Long Beach, CA, Kushagram offers both recreational and medicinal marijuana to its customers. Products can be obtained by ordering online for marijuana delivery. Kushagram offers a 2% cashback for every order placed.


Customers can order Curaleaf brands through the WaitListMe app in accordance with the current coronavirus crisis. Customers can either wait in the car and pick up the brand at the store without falling in line. Curbside service is yet to be announced in the coming weeks.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offers 25% off on their premium CBD products sitewide and free gifts when ordering. Simply enter the code RELAX25 upon checkout. For new customers, save 10% on the first order upon signing up.


CBD FX offers free hand sanitizer for every order and 25% off on their site-wide sale upon registering. The coupon code is CHILL25.

Willie’s Reserve

From flowers to edibles to vape, Willie’s Reserve is still in operation and their products can be ordered online at Terrapin Care Station for curbside delivery.

Top 5 States Facing Marijuana Sales Growth During the Coronavirus

Americans facing the prospect of staying home for weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic are buying up on essentials like dry goods and house supplies – and, for some, they buy CBD and marijuana.

Legal marijuana sales are increasing in several states even as other small businesses struggle to stay open.

5 states facing marijuana sales growth are:

CBD State map
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Washington State

Sales of these 5 states spiked up since the last week of March, with the size of the average order also experienced a surge.  Several cities around the country have dubbed dispensaries “essential businesses” during coronavirus-related business shutdowns, meaning the storefronts can still operate on business hours.

Why You Should Smoke Weed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With cities, states and entire countries on lockdown due to COVID-19, many people have decided to stock up marijuana and cannabis products. 

Given the many medical benefits that cannabis can give, like insomnia, chronic pain, and alleviating inflammation and the mounting evidence that CBD can be used for antimicrobial purposes, many are starting to think that cannabis might even help them prevent coronavirus.

While the recurring myth about cannabis has been debunked – being the cure to the coronavirus crisis, many are simply smoking the plant for recreational purposes, regardless of its impacts.

Smoking pot has been proven to help cope with anxiety and stress which is what many smokers do during the coronavirus outbreak. These folk order at some sites for mailing weed to them.

But, being COVID-19 as an acute lung disease with no cure at all, smoking weed is not the doctor-recommended method for ingesting cannabis at the moment. In fact, it can lead to a chronic cough when smoked regularly. 

Because of the current global health crisis, it is best to turn to non-inhalable cannabis products and edibles instead, for the time being.

Statistics and Predictions: Will Coronavirus Crisis Affect Cannabis Businesses?

In some states, government authorities have enacted new temporary policies such as expanded curbside pickup or delivery services or curbside that make it easier for customers to get their hands on marijuana while observing social distancing measures. 

Others are allowing doctors to issue medical cannabis recommendations through telemedicine instead of requiring that they conduct in-person consultations.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, which has introduced a complete area-wide “shelter-in-place” order, cannabis businesses have already been granted exemptions to stay open, mostly under curbside delivery rules, in San Francisco, Berkeley, Alameda, Oakland, and San Jose.

The cannabis industry’s stance from the threat of the virus itself is also on display. In Illinois, for example, some dispensaries are prioritizing medical patients, shutting the doors to recreational customers. 

Just months after legalizing recreational sales, dispensaries in Illinois have adjusted their protocols with regard to social distancing by preventing customers from lining up. In Europe, though, cannabis is gradually being normalized into the regular pharmacy system. 

However, pharmacies are also on the front lines of this epidemic – not only in that they serve front-line customers, but also deliver medicines to retirement homes.

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