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CC Cream is a relatively new skincare product in the US, but it is already a hit in Asia. It stands for “color correcting cream” and supposedly helps even out your skin tone.

CC Cream comes in both a regular formula and an illuminating formula designed more for evening use rather than daytime wear. The formula is designed to not only even out your skin tone, but also provide moisture and sun protection.

The product is essentially a cross between a primer and foundation. The formula comes in two finishes: matte and dewy (illuminating). The matte finish acts as a primer by providing an even canvas for the foundation while the illuminating version gives your face some luminescence.

There are more than 50 brands of CC Cream on the market already and they come in various different forms like lotions, waters, mists, etc. So if you’re thinking about giving it a try, just be careful which one you pick.

What is a CC Cream

CC cream

CC Cream’s ingredients are known to provide the following benefits:

1. Moisture / Whitening Function: The novel formula of CC Cream moisturizes your skin and protects it from harmful pollutants to maintain a healthy glow. It also has the ability to lighten up discoloration such as blemishes, scars, acne marks that will help you achieve a brighter skin tone.

2. Sun Protection: Either with SPF =or without, skin protection is provided by the cream as it absorbs UVA and UVB rays and helps prevent sunburns and premature aging.

3. Anti-aging: Enriched with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and E which help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a smoother and younger-looking appearance.

4. Mild Coverage: Gives a natural glow without overdoing it, perfect to even out or enhance your complexion for a radiant effect, or does double-duty as an instant make-up base!

5. Skin Tone Correction: In just one application you can achieve a more even skin tone with the formula that is buildable to suit all skin tones from light to darker complexions.

6. Long Lasting & Water Resistant: Most CC creams stay put despite being exposed to sweat or humidity so no need to re-apply if you’ll be spending some time outdoors under the heat of the sun!

7. Minimizes Dark Circles: Infused with Haloxyl, proprietary brightening ingredients CC creams work hard so you don’t have to worry about dark circles and dullness.

8. Moisturizing Formulation: Formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates for a soft finish that won’t dry out your skin!

9. Suited for Sensitive Skin: No need to worry if you’re going to use quality CC cream on sensitive skin as it is non-comedogenic. Plus the gentle formula will surely get along well with even the most sensitive of complexions!

BB Cream vs CC Cream

BB vs CC cream

There is a huge buzz around the difference between BB and CC cream. The truth is that these two creams are very similar and often hard to tell apart.

To find out the difference between BB cream and cc cream, we will first explain what BB Cream is.

What is BB Cream

BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm – a skin product that was initially created in Germany by a dermatologist as a soothing post-procedure cream used to treat, hydrate, prime, and even out skin tone. In Asia, it is believed that the initials stand for “Blemish Balm” whereas in Europe it’s said that they stand for “Beauty Balm”. The important feature of this early version of BB cream is that it only had one shade that worked on all skin tones…and there lies the initial problem with BB Creams.

The best BB cream is meant to give the user a dewy, glowing complexion (similar to that of a model’s) but the hues are always too dark and “grey” for many people.

So what was that magic formula that made it so popular? It wasn’t because of the product itself; instead, it was marketing strategies led by companies like L’Oreal Paris who launched the first mass-marketed BB cream in America promising women lighter skin tones through their new cream.

Of course, beauty companies seized this opportunity to quickly produce their own versions, making all kinds of promises whether they have SPF, whitening properties, or anti-wrinkle properties.

So, the main differences between BB and CC creams are  the following:

BB Creams are supposed to have more skincare benefits, so they normally contain moisturizers, anti-aging properties, and sometimes SPF. They tend to be thicker than CC creams.

CC creams, on the other hand, are lighter in consistency; they offer sheer coverage like tinted moisturizers but with added benefits of night cream – often available in 19 different shades (to cover all ethnicities.) They can also contain anti-aging ingredients depending on the brand itself.

The Best CC Cream

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

IT Cosmetics

This CC cream is a one-in-a-million product! Not only does it give amazing coverage, but after applying, your skin appears to look better than ever. This is such an innovative and great formula that truly evens out the complexion and looks invisible on the skin. It has an SPF of 50+ which will protect you against sun damage and premature aging. There are many other benefits including hydrating your skin with plumping hyaluronic acid and collagen along with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

IT Cosmetics creates problem-solving products that provide real results thanks to clinical insights from plastic surgeons, as well as ingredient and skincare understanding from dermatologists.

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream

CC cream

Olay’s CC cream has the following features:

– As lightweight as a tinted moisturizer

– Evens skin tone and covers imperfections

– Instantly conceals dark spots, redness, and other blemishes without clogging pores.  It has broad-spectrum SPF 15 for further protection against the sun.  The neck of the tube has a flip top that helps dispense just enough product which is very hygienic.

Olay’s CC cream offers the benefits of 7 products in one: day cream, anti-aging serum, primer, concealer, waterproof foundation, and sunscreen. It contains vitamins B3 and E to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also contains niacinamide which helps reduce the look of age spots and discoloration for a more even-looking skin tone.

Wrapping Up

CC cream is considered to be an upgraded version of BB cream, but is there any difference between the two?

CC cream features higher levels of coverage. Some CC creams are tinted to give your skin a healthy glow. They contain ingredients that are meant to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and contain ingredients that combat acne.

CC cream is meant to be used after applying your preferred moisturizer/toner. It should be applied before you apply foundation or powder on top of it. If you are using liquid foundation (or even if you are using powder), you can use CC cream as a primer beforehand for better coverage.

In terms of skincare benefits, CC cream comes with moisturizing properties which aid in hydrating the skin and keeping it soft and healthy-looking all day long.

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