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If you’re a small, local business owner, a solopreneur, or a freelancer, then you’re probably aware of how important client meetings can be. Although many opt for connecting with clients in quirky cafés or other unconventional places, a nice, quiet professional office provides a better setting for you to woo your clients than a noisy, crowded coffee shop. But how can you find the perfect meeting room that fits both your and your clients’ needs? We recommend considering the following factors for choosing a meeting room that will help you increase your business efficiency.

1. Location and accessibility

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a meeting room is location. It should be in a relatively safe neighborhood, be easy to find, and even easier to access. Ideally, you’ll want a place that offers on-site parking and is not too far away from major public transport routes. Furthermore, the meeting room of your choice should be situated in a somewhat central area, or maybe close to the financial district, so your clients won’t have to travel far away to the periphery of town for a one-hour meeting.

2. Booking availability

Another vital element is booking availability. You can choose the nicest meeting room in the city, but if it’s so in-demand that you need to book it months in advance, then this might be a problem. Opt for a place that you can reserve at least one week prior to your meet-up instead of always being anxious about whether or not the space will be available at the time you need it.

3. Pricing

When choosing a meeting room, the cost is another influential factor, since the meeting room’s rental shouldn’t actually cost you an arm and a leg. You certainly want to impress your client or partner, but if you break the bank in the process, then it was surely not worth it. Look for affordability to help your company save money by avoiding signing a permanent lease of a meeting room that you’ll rarely use.

4. Security

If you don’t want any interruptions during your meeting, make sure the meeting room of your choice offers secure access. A secure keypad or card access on the door can keep unwanted guests from barging in right in the middle of your pitch to investors.

5. Reliable internet connection

You can rent out the nicest meeting room in town, but when your business’s homepage does not load properly in front of clients, investors or your partners, then you have a problem. Look for a meeting space that guarantees a strong, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you try the internet connection on your device before the meeting to confirm that everything will go smoothly and works properly on your own devices.

6. On-site facilities and equipment

It should be a no-brainer that up-to-date and working audio-video equipment should be provided in the meeting room. You should also have access to various office supplies, in case you need to print or scan any important documents during your meeting.

Tea and coffee supplies are also a welcome addition, so you’ll have something to offer your client as they sit through your presentation. Some office spaces also provide catering, so make sure you inquire about these aspects before choosing a meeting room.

7. Room Flexibility

Flexibility is key, since you’re not leasing the space for a long period of time, but rather just on occasion. Various venues have flexible options so you can tailor the space in accordance with your needs and your clients’ expectations. You’ll be more satisfied in the long run if you find a provider that does not insist on a strict set of rules, but instead gives you the freedom to customize the nitty-gritty details of the meeting room you’re eyeing.

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