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The largest enterprises know the fact that they are nothing, if not, for their biggest clients. This is the reason they are always willing to do what is necessary to keep their B2B clients stay. However, when it is no longer a matter of customer retention, but customer attrition, what must you do when you are not worried about gaining new customers, but winning back the old ones that you have lost?

Here are a few tips to help you win back your old customers.

1. Pay your Customers a Visit in Person

talk to your customers

Even the most potent marketing strategies will never outdo the power of a face-to-face visit to your customer. If your customer is at his angriest, or moved his business elsewhere, or is insistent that he won’t give you another order, they still need to know that your organization is making an effort for reconciliation. In fact, there is nothing more important than an in-person visit to a customer when he is upset.

Put your best effort forward as this is the factor that will differentiate your company from your competitors in the eyes of your customer. Problems are, eventually, a commonplace in business, especially if you are a B2B digital marketing agency, but a company must know how to handle challenges to define itself within the market.

2. Define the Root Cause

It may not be an excellent time to make assumptions on what led your customer to be upset. There may be some obvious reasons why your company has upset this customer, but your primary focus should be on what your customer thinks that went wrong and why. Therefore, by all means, do your homework on what and how you believe you let down your customer and intend to plan to aid the situation. Anyhow, letting your customer define the root cause of the issue is vital.

Have your customers mention what you must do to regain their trust . Once you get to know their demand, make sure to address it immediately and have your team understand how to tackle a similar situation potentially. These issues are highly prevalent among local and foreign B2B marketplaces, so keep these issues for future references and educate your workforce to eliminate them at their earliest https://gazetapo.odessa.ua/.

3. Adopt Verbal Judo

The best strategy is to admit your mistake effortlessly, be ready to compensate for the outcome of your blunder, and be willing to do everything it takes to avoid the same issue in the future. However, you must also walk a fine along between explaining the cause of your incompetence, and promising that it won’t occur again. Therefore, cool down your customer’s fury by telling them that their concerns are valid, you have taken them under your consideration, and it will be solved soon in order to cherish a good professional relationship.

4. Offer Immediate Concessions

Offer Immediate Concessions

A common practice among B2B digital marketing agencies, but many of them have forgotten it. During the journey of winning back your customer, invest time to create a list of concessions they have tried to achieve from your organization in the past. When you have got the list, BOOM! Now is the right time to provide those concessions to show that you and your staff are willing to go an extra mile to win them back as a loyal customer. Don’t lose your opportunity to WOW them.

When you have won your B2B customers back, ensure you are aware of the ways to defend your position in the market.

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