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Hair loss is a huge problem faced by many. The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs a day. This is usually normal and has no cause for concern, but when hair loss becomes heavy and regular, it can be something that needs treatment. For some people, the only answer may seem like medication or surgery, but there are many natural ways you can prevent hair loss as well!  

  Wanna know how to control hair fall naturally at home? 

Here are 5 Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss:

1. Avoid Heating 

Avoid heating to prevent hair loss

 Avoid heated styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers because they will collapse the protein in your hair over time causing it to become brittle and susceptible to breakage. 

Hot styling tools make your hair dry, prone to breakage, and more likely to fall out. When too much intense heat is applied to your hair, it weakens the shaft of the hair, which makes it weaker with each use. 

The harmful effects of consistent application of high levels of heat on our tresses have been shown by experts who have studied this matter extensively through various research methods. 

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera to prevent hair falling

Aloe Vera is a very effective ingredient. It is a succulent plant with medicinal properties, and aloe gel can be extracted from its fleshy leaves. The aloe gel contains vitamins A, C, E, and B12 and minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. As aloe vera gel has several health benefits, it can be used in case of hair fall as well!

Many people use aloe vera for hair fall control as it contains specific nutrients that promote healthy hair growth and nourish the scalp to prevent weak roots and balding shortly. These nutrients act as an antiseptic on your scalp and help to prevent hair loss. 

How to Use

One of the many ways to use Aloe in your hair care routine is by cutting fresh leaves from the plants and using them directly on your scalps as an aloe scalp treatment. 

To do so:

-Cut a leaf from any live aloe vera plant by removing it gently between your thumb and forefinger while avoiding contact with the sap coating its surface; avoid picking more than one at once

-Collect some gel (some like to blend this mix with coconut or olive oil) into whatever container you have available. Rub this mixture onto both clean hands before applying it evenly across the affected area for approximately 10 minutes and wait about 1 hour. Then, softly wash your hair. You can repeat this process two times a week. 

Note:  Some people are sensitive to aloe vera, so rub a small amount of it onto your hand first. 

3. Hair Fall Control Oil

Hair Fall Control Oil

Some oils have been known for preventing hair fall for a long time, such as Rosemary oil. What you want to do is incorporate this into your hair care routine.

Rosemary is one of the first oils people choose to use to prevent hair falling. It stimulates new hair growth and can treat conditions such as Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Mixing just a few drops with carrier oils or shampoos will allow these results on an ongoing basis. 

Note: Do not use essential oils directly onto your skin – always mix them into either shampoo or carrier oil beforehand!

 4. Avoid Too Much Stress

Stress and  hair loss

The hair on our head grows in series. In the growth phase, a follicle is constantly producing new hair, which is then pushed out of the way for newer ones to grow as there’s no room left in it yet. Hair follicles have a lot to manage. They can cycle through phases of growth and rest, but generally, most are active at any given time in the anagen phase.  Emotional stress can cause all your hair that was just about to shed to be suddenly shifted into a resting state at once, and you’ll have great clumps of hair coming off, leaving behind bald patches where they used to belong strands before!

5. Protein

protein and hair falling

Hair follicles are made mainly of a protein called keratin. One 2017 study on 100 people with hair loss noted several nutritional deficiencies in participants, including amino acids that serve as the building blocks of protein. While researchers note that more studies are needed to confirm these findings, eating a diet rich in protein may help prevent hair loss and promote healthy-looking locks! Healthy choices include eggs, nuts, beans, peas, fish, chicken, and turkey low-fat dairy products.

Let’s Wrap Up!

 These simple steps were among the easiest ways to prevent hair loss. However, consult with your doctor or dermatologist if the hair loss is too severe.  Depending on what stage in life you’re in, there are many options available that will help keep those pesky strands from shedding too soon. We hope this article helped you to understand how important it is to take care of our health. 

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