In the current market scenario, real estate investors have to undergo a complicated process before investing in a property. With the industry being hugely dependent on political, social, and economic factors, they have to also consider other macroeconomic trends such as economic growth, population growth, and the rate of interest.

The three primary fields which the industry has are leasing, management, and brokerages; and in 2017, there were almost 210,000 companies which were operating in the management field and residential brokerage. It generated around $200 billion in revenue.

With all impressive statistics, it lures investors to come forward for investment, but at the same time, they should check for not committing the same mistakes by other investors and fall into debt.

Find out some of the common mistakes which a real estate investor does, and you should avoid:

1. Not asking relevant questions:

ask the right questions

If a real estate investor does not ask the relevant questions, it might create problems in the later stage. Before investment, they should ask questions like:

• Why is the owner selling the house?
• Is the property located in the flood zone area?
• Does the house have any foundation issues which need to be addressed?
• Which things need to get replaced in the house?
• How much did the owner pay for the house and when?

2. Not doing proper research:

Before buying any electronics products or luxury cars, most of us research in finding the suitable one as per our requirements. We will compare different products for determining which is worth the money and then purchase it.

As a real estate investor, you have to carry out the same extensive research process before investing in a property. The real estate agent database can also help you out in this process by providing the best quality mailing lists of real estate agents matching your requirements.

3. Limiting yourself to a specific market:

As you are familiar with a specific market does not mean that you have to limit yourself to that market only. Exploring different markets is a good option as one gets exposed to different regions and property prices of that area. In many cases, technology has been a crucial development in helping investors for entering various markets across the nation.

4. Not planning for maintenance and repair:

As an investor, you should have realistic expectations for the maintenance and repair expenditure. Experienced investors follow a policy of reserving a certain percentage of the value of the property for the maintenance purpose so that it does not burn out their pocket later on.

5. Not taking help of others:

Many part-time investors take up investment as an opportunity and execute all the processes by themselves right from the research, collecting the relevant information, tackling the investment, etc. As they do not have the relevant experience, it leads to failure most of the time. So, it’s better to assemble the right team for keeping the investment goals on the track.


Investors should avoid the adage that says, “failure is the stepping stone to success” and learn from the past mistakes of the investor. Investing in a property is a gamble that can make you a pauper or a millionaire; all that is needed is the right decision at the right time.

You have to make the smart and calculated risk to enjoy the high returns of the investment. Avoid the past mistakes, and move faster to purchase the high-value property with a potential of excellent ROI.


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