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Digital Marketing brings businesses and brands at the forefront of the internet where they can benefit from a global stage. As of 2019, there are 4.1 billion internet users making a presence on the internet crucial for any business. Social media comprises a huge chunk of the internet and has 3.499 billion users. 

Nearly every person on the planet has a social media account which they use on a daily basis. Facebook is the largest social media platform and people spend at least 35 minutes on it each day. Six out of 10 people say they have been influenced by their purchasing decision from ads they see on Facebook.  Marketers agree that social is powerful and nine out of 10 of them claim they landed a new customer on social media platforms. 

These figures show that people do spend their time and money on social and it is important for a business to build brand awareness where people are. Social has grown in leaps and bounds to the point that businesses and companies have to invest in digital marketing campaigns if they are to keep up with the trends. 

Businesses have spent a total of $19.3 billion in the United States on social media ads. The amount spent only shows that the internet particularly social media is crucial to the expansion of any business and marketing in this platform produces significant ROIs.

Search Engine Usage Stats

Digital marketing trends

The search engine is crucial to internet users. SEO statistics show that 99% of user experiences online begin with a search engine. To search for any type of content internet users need a search engine. The top search engine is Google and many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts strategize based on its algorithms. Ninety-four percent of all organic internet traffic is on Google. A business with a website already knows that SEO is crucial to get ranking on Google. A website should make a mix of just the right content, keywords, web codes, and technical indicators to tell Google which you should rank for. SEO is so important for websites because the first page ranking on Google accounts for 34.36 click-through rate for desktop and 35% for mobile. If you are not on top you will lose to your competitors and all the web searches and click-throughs will go to their website if you fail to build a strong SEO. 

PPC Stats

PPC states

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of digital marketing wherein advertisers pay a fee every time their ads are clicked. PPC is a way of buying visits to a site rather than getting people to visit the site on their own. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC is. In 2018, seven million advertisers invested a total of $10.1 billion dollars on PPC. The industries that utilize PPC the most from 2017-2018 are travel, retail, education, and publishing. Forty percent of brands want to increase their PPC budget which is indicative that this type of advertising does have significant ROIs. In fact, 65% of users who are really intent on making a purchase go to paid ads. Online information is important to users and a new trend that has emerged recently is people research on the internet before making a purchase on a physical shop. Forty percent of shoppers use their smartphone while inside a brick and mortar store. 

SEO Stats

SEO states

SEO is one of the most important things any website owner should invest time and money on. A strong SEO helps you get first page rankings and organic growth. For companies and businesses, a strong SEO that equates to strong rankings on Google means reaching out to more customers and increasing brand presence. As of 2019, Google is leading the pack among search engines with over 79% of desktop search traffic. Far behind is Bing at 7.27% followed by Baidu and Yahoo.  For a website to get a good ranking on Google they should invest in high-quality content and link building which are important signals in Google’s algorithm. Good content on Google would be about 1,890 words which is the average first-page result. The effectiveness of SEO is on the rise according to 82% of industry experts and 42% say the significance of SEO will increase. Sixty-one percent of marketers say that improving SEO is their top priority. 

Social Media Stats + SEO

Social media stats

People have become social media addicts and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that most of their time is spent on social media where they can connect, socialize, and get news and updates all at the same time. Social media gets many things done in just one place that people spend a lot of time on it. Social media is effective to get connected and get one’s life organized. Google says that social does not have a direct link to rankings but statistics have shown that a strong social presence does amplify the ranking factors Google considers. All the sharing on social adds up to more visibility for content. To achieve good SEO rankings, one has to optimize all their social media profiles to get a consistent image and for better brand recognition. Posting regularly and keeping the account active is also a crucial factor for rankings. 

Facebook by Numbers

Facebook states

Facebook is currently the top social media platform out there. In fact, it is the originator of why people worldwide got into social media in the first place. The user-friendly interface caught up with the needs of people and in a short span of time a Facebook account has become crucial for most people as a platform to get messages, news, updates, and entertainment. Currently, there are 2.27 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Nearly half of Facebook users at 47% access it only through mobile. There are 500,000 new users every day on Facebook with 6 new profiles every second. Facebook gets families connected since 83% of parents are connected with their children. There are 68% of adult users on Facebook and 51% of them log in several times a day to check their account. Worldwide, 26.3% of internet users are on Facebook.

Instagram Numbers

instagram stats

Instagram has gained traction in the last two years forcing online marketing strategists to ask themselves if they should include Instagram in their social media marketing efforts. If you look at Instagram the population there is huge. Some high-profile Instagram “influencers” have a following by the millions equal to the populations of small countries. How many people are on Instagram? There are 7.7 billion people on this social media platform. Such a high number is extremely significant for any business and digital marketing strategist. One billion people use Instagram every month and more than 500 million use the platform every day. Compared to other social media platforms Instagram has a more diverse population since 88% are outside the U.S. Instagram users are also relatively young at under age 35. Seventy-two percent of teens in the US are on Instagram. 


pinterest stats

Pinterest is an interesting social media platform. It has an interface that is unique and innovative from the rest. Most of what is shared on Pinterest is visual content and you can make your own board or share it with others. Pins are contents users are especially interested in and there are categories for pins. For social media marketers, Pinterest is a great social media platform to explore if your main demographic is women. The vast majority of Pinterest users at 81% is females. Pinterest has an older user base with 40 as the median age although a majority of the active users are below 40. Fifty percent of users on Pinterest come from the US. There are vast categories on Pinterest and there are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest. 

Content Marketing Stats

content marketing

Content is king. For a great digital marketing strategy invest in quality and relevant content. Any business or website will benefit from first page SEO rankings that good content brings. When customers encounter good content, they usually acknowledge it by making a return visit. Great content helps a website gain organic traffic. The good thing is many marketers say making great content is easy. Forty-two percent of business to business (B2B) marketers say that they are effective at content marketing. Understanding how to make good content that resonates with businesses’ target audience can lead to sales and conversions, all in all, creating dramatic results. Sixty percent of marketers are making one new content each day. Consistently good content is one of the keys to making a great website that should result in customer satisfaction. 

Video Stats

Video is poised to become big on the internet. As bandwidths improve to transmit large data at lightning-fast speeds video is becoming a viable medium on the internet. Videos are said to be the future of the internet and are becoming one of the most popular form of content online. Video excites and stimulates unlike other forms of content and many digital marketing strategists are acknowledging the significance of video in their marketing arsenal.

Videos consist of 76% of business to consumer (B2C) marketers. Eight-five percent of American internet users watch online videos.  It is being predicted that by 2022 video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Videos are an effective tool in helping consumers learn about a new product. Explainer videos and demo videos that are often used by digital media marketers are great in engaging an audience about the benefits of products and services in their lives. 

When it comes to Video Marketing, there is a useful checklist to make sure you understand what you bring to table, starting from content planning to video monitoring.

Videos can dramatically boost your website’s conversions or sales. In fact, placing a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

Local SEO/Google My Business

Local SEO is extremely relevant to SEO. People’s needs, after all, are usually met by someone local rather than by someone across the globe. If users want leaking pipes repaired or house remodeling done, they need local skilled services. The expertise of local SEO experts is needed to drive customers to a local brand. Users immediately act on their local searches. 

88% of local business searches quickly call or visit the business within 24 hours. Forty-six percent of searches on Google are looking for local content. As of 2019, 97% searched online to find a local business

Mobile Marketing Stats

mobile marketing

People are busy with mobile since smartphones have become powerful offering impressive features. People can rely on a smartphone for most messaging and entertainment. Computers are now exclusively used for intensive and data-heavy activities.

The world is coming to a true mobile-first world. In August 2018, businesses have invested 9.4% of their marketing budget on mobile marketing. Worldwide, ads spent on mobile will reach 247.4 billion US dollars by 2020. The forecast in the US alone is nearly half of that spent worldwide at 131.4 billion dollars. Although the conversion rate for mobile is half the number of the desktop – 12.9%, the number of mobile shoppers is rising and the numbers will shift in favor of mobile in the near future.

Voice Search Stats

voice search

Technology has gone the next level and voice search is an emerging trend that digital marketers have to be vigilant about. This year, 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information within the last year. Users follow through with 27% visiting the website of a local business after conducting a voice search. Because of the increased use of voice search 22% of smart home speaker owners have made a purchase using their device. With 2 of 5 adults performing a voice search at least once a day, it’s becoming a huge part of people’s lives.

Technology is changing and how people connect and adapt in a technologically changing world will define how businesses and digital marketers will plan and strategize to promote their brand in the online world. Some trends will be more important in the years to come and digital marketers will have to adapt fast.  Promoting business in the different avenues online can be a complicated process but success can start by just fulfilling the basics and that it is to make superb content and good connections with the target market.

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