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That is why platforms like GogoPDF created a tool that can help you to merge PDF files and quickly solve the issues you face with just a few clicks and steps you have to follow and simple requirements you need for you to reach their website.

Merge PDF files with GogoPDF 

how to merge PDF files

GogoPDF provides a tool for you to merge pdf files easily. With this platform, you can use this tool free of charge, and you can follow the easy instructions provided for you to integrate the PDF files you have successfully. It also won’t take too much of your time as long as you fast internet connection. Here a tool that can easily merge pdf files right away!

In GogoPDF, you should look for the tool named Merge PDF. In this tool and other tools (for instance, PDF file compress tool), the GogoPDF provides every PDF user you are required to upload the PDFs or PDF that you want to alter, like merging. When you have selected the right PDFs to combine, GogoPDF will automatically connect your files into one in just a few seconds.

After you merge pdf files, you can modify your PDF documents if you want to. When you finish modifying your PDFs, you can press the combine button. After this, you can now choose what happens next with the newly merged PDF file you have.

There are many options GogoPDF is offering every user what they should do next with their PDFs. Either sending it via email or sharing the link to any social media platform they have, or they can easily save it into their devices by downloading the altered file or saving it directly into their Google Drive or cloud.

Choosing PDF instead of other formats 

There are tons of reasons you can look for online for why you should use a PDF file for your documents instead of other file formats available for everyone. This article will talk about the few reasons people adore PDF files so much and choose to use this file format instead of using the easily editable file format.

When we talk about security, we all know that everyone craves a private life and is scared that hackers might leak their confidential information. Worry no more when you use the PDF file format. You can add security to your documents by adding passwords into your forms using the tools that GogoPDF is offering.’

Compressing your files is even possible with PDFs. Having a large file for your low storage capacity devices is frustrating. That is why choosing PDFs in saving your documents is much more beneficial for you because you can use tools that can compress your PDF files to reduce their size and still retain their high quality.

Merging your files into one document is also possible with PDF. To lessen a user’s confusion, GogoPDF has a tool to merge PDF files you have into one PDF, mainly if this document contains the same content only. Users can also add a table of contents into their PDF.

There are many reasons you should use PDF for your documents instead of Microsoft Word if you are going to share them with many people, as these are just a few reasons you should use PDF.

GogoPDF for your PDF needs

Combining PDF files into one

GogoPDF is available online anywhere and everywhere, and the platform is free of charge as long as you have the requirements to log into their website. Their website is also user-friendly. You don’t have to have any special skills to learn the tools they offer on their website.

GogoPDF always offers many tools for your PDFs, not only for your conversion. Users can edit their PDF, transfer PDF into Word document using the GogoPDF. Also, each of these tools provides simple instructions below to ensure that clients can follow the instructions.

GogoPDF also offers premiums with tons of benefits for people who want to avail of a bonus, and the compensation they offer is affordable. Paying for the prize of the GogoPDF is an investment, especially if you are using PDF tools in your daily life. 

Don’t worry about your security. Even if you are just a free user, GogoPDF always makes sure that every user’s privacy is protected. If you are a free user, they will delete all the files you have uploaded to their website within one hour after you have finished altering your PDF files.


PDF documents are much better than using Microsoft Word, especially if you share your documents with many people. Your documents are necessary, so choosing the right platform to trust your papers is also important. Whenever you start using PDF files, you can easily carry out multiple actions with PDFBear. For instance, you can convert it into Word, keep your PDF file organized, merge PDF files into one, etc.

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