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As a business owner, you may prefer to do everything yourself to make sure that everything’s up to standards. However, a small business is only as good as the team behind it. So, it’s crucial to assemble a small team made of people who have varying skills and knowledge in different areas. As you create your team, make sure that the people you pick are easily manageable and bring something unique to the table. With that being said, we’ve drafted up a list of people you need on your team before launching your small business.

Someone to Bounce Ideas Off

Before making a huge decision for your small business, it’s best to seek out advice from someone who’s familiar with your chosen industry. Being able to talk about your idea openly with someone can provide you with another viewpoint ⁠— helping you refine your idea and decide if it’s worth pursuing. One of the best people to bounce ideas off is a business mentor. When looking for a mentor, be sure to check your connections for people who have more experience than you and have a track record of success. Once you build a relationship with a mentor, be sure to show them your appreciation for their advice. This can be facilitated by giving them a key position in the company.

Someone Who Knows How to Create

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Of course, any small business needs a creator to work on the product or service that they offer. These people are the ones who have the technical knowledge and education to create, develop, and improve your company’s offerings. Ideally, a creator should be someone who is passionate, articulate, and inquisitive ⁠— always striving to perfect what your company offers. Furthermore, positions that land in this category should also have insider knowledge on the current trends in the market and a deep understanding of what your typical consumer needs.

Someone Who Can Handle Legal Matters

When starting a business, there are a ton of legal obligations that you need to fulfill ⁠— and understandably, this can get confusing and intimidating. What’s more, taking care of legal matters can eat up the time that you could’ve allotted to leading your team. That’s why it can be of great help to hire someone to fulfill your legal matters ⁠— whether it’s submitting documents for your business structure or getting the right permits and licenses.

This person can also be your business’ registered agent, one of the requirements for setting up a limited liability company in any US state. This person is in charge of physically accepting legal documents on behalf of your company and informing you of any urgent legal notices. If you’re having difficulty finding a registered agent, there are third-party registered agent services that can help you comply with the law.

Someone Who Understands Growth

Another key member of your team is a person who understands the importance of growth and long-term success. In order to maintain your business’ longevity, you should have someone who can take a deep dive into the market and return with key insights to help drive your company forward. These people are always interested in market trends and how to better connect with your target segment. Positions that fall in this category are marketing analysts, business strategists, and team managers. This person will work hand-in-hand with you in creating long-term goals, finding an appropriate market strategy, and determining the best route to take for your business in order to achieve success.

Someone to Keep an Eye on Your Finances

Your small business isn’t complete without a person in charge of your company’s finances. As a business owner, it’s responsible to let someone who has the accounting and bookkeeping experience handle your business’ money. This is because accounting for all company expenses, profits, and other financial matters is a huge undertaking, and only someone with the right training can properly deal with these issues. However, you should also try to be proactive and routinely ask for reports to have an in-depth overview of how your company is doing financially.

Someone Who Can Maintain Connections

Surviving means that you have to make meaningful connections with different kinds of people in the industry and nurture a relationship with them. As a business owner, this is something that you should be able to fulfill to an extent. However, as your duties and responsibilities pile up, it’s best to assign this job to a company advocate. They should be a real people person ⁠— extroverted, charming, and able to network with customers, partners, and investors alike. Being able to find the right person for this job is important as they’ll find you new clients, and maybe even help you win back the ones you’ve lost.

The success of your team is highly dependent on the individuals that belong in it. When assembling your team, be sure to hire people that fill an important role. By creating a foolproof lineup of talented individuals, you can ensure your business’ growth and success.

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