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Since the world has gone digital, social media has stayed no more an option but has become a necessity for online businesses. Social commerce and online retailing have also become a norm nowadays, due to which it is necessary to have the best social marketing solutions by your side. 

If you are an entrepreneur or if you are a small business owner, you must understand the importance of social marketing solutions. They will help you to create effective campaigns and market your business in an influential way. 

With the help of social marketing campaigns, you can streamline all your social media campaigns associated with your business and make it easier to manage posting schedules from multiple accounts. 

Social marketing solutions help the marketers and small business owners to monitor their conversions, perform in-depth analyses of their posts, and integrate other activities to boost the brand presence on the internet. 

Are you thinking about how social marketing solutions can help promote your business? Well, not to worry about it because this quick guide is right here to help you get started with social marketing solutions. 

Best Social Marketing Solutions for Businesses in 2022

In this competitive race of online businesses and ventures, it is essential to understand the importance of having a social marketing solution. They help your business navigate specific social media and digital campaign hurdles. 

Nowadays, businesses are hustling to create an outstanding social media presence with aesthetic posts and videos. 

During this struggle, having the right social media management tool by your side can help you maintain your content schedule, post on ideal publishing times, and track conversions. You need to incorporate the right tool that could help you manage your posting schedule and enhance your social media presence. 

Here are the best social marketing solutions to help you make your way out.

Be it the conversion tracking, content posting, post analytics, or maintenance of online presence on social media; these social marketing solutions would help you settle the rest. 

Social Champ

Sticking to a consistent content posting schedule is necessary, and no one can do it better than Social Champ. The tool is a free social media scheduler, and you can use it to post your content across multiple social platforms. Social Champ comes in with the automation support for prominent social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and TikTok. The most prominent one is instagram scheduler

Whether you want to use Instagram for small business or TikTok to boost your presence, Social Champ is one big helping hand. Social media managers can use this tool to engage with their customers and streamline their daily tasks. Social Champ provides premium integrations to its users, whether they are using free or paid versions, making the tool an outstanding choice for entrepreneurs.


To maintain your social media presence proficiently, you can also use Hootsuite, which is another social marketing all-in-one kit with automation support for multiple platforms. The tool allows you to do maximum on your socials in significantly less time. You can save time by scheduling posts across all your social networks. Hootsuite guarantees to grow your social media following instantly by helping you produce quality content for the audience. 

The tool also helps you find what your customers think about your posts and content. You can keep an eye on the latest social conversations, trends, and brand mentions. You can engage with your audience by replying to their comments directly from the inbox. Using Hootsuite can also help you collaborate as a team since the tool makes it accessible for the users to work on a single project. 


Customer service is one of the significant elements that can either make or break the social media presence of a brand. In that case, a brand needs a righteous tool that could show the world how they value their customers. Well, you don’t need to find the tool as we have got you covered with Sparkcentral. This tool is a complete customer care solution by Hootsuite and provides your business with a social media help desk platform.

This way, it allows the social media managers to respond to the current and potential customers quickly. You can answer their queries and concerns right on time, indirectly boosting their interest in your business. Since the tool allows you to enjoy real-time engagement, you can humanize your social media and bring the brand closer to its target audience, turning them into loyal customers. 


We indirectly speak about social media and associated tasks when we talk about social marketing solutions. In this situation, Canva can turn out to be the best of your help to create aesthetic and visually appealing posts and designs. Since Canva is one of the world’s widely used graphic design and post-making tools, you can use it to create colorful designs and posters, and that too for absolutely free. 

Canva is a design tool loaded with hundreds of templates, fonts, styles, images, and elements. You can use the tool to create informative carousels from your content or create posters for different platforms in customized sizing. With Canva, it has become easier for businesses to reuse their content for social media platforms in interesting infographics, posts, carousels, slides, and images. 


Online business is all about generating leads and driving traffic with your content to your website. If you use Twitter to market your business and connect with your audience, you need to learn how Twitter Algorithms would work for your content. This is how you drive traffic by posting ideal content on the right timings. 

Respondology is one of the tools that can help you respond to customers in real-time. It is an ideal tool to hide toxic, hateful, spammy, and brand-damaging comments in no time. Respondology is a Twitter intent-based marketing web app with which businesses and online ventures can turn conversations into customers. This tool allows you to comb Twitter best practices for potential customers with targeted metrics leading you to the target audience. 


Another tool that could help you drive traffic and collect leads is LeadSift. To make the most of your online business, you need to do more than just post content, and LeadSift can help you here. The tool mines millions of social marketing conversations and cuts through the noise to provide quality leads based on your metrics. 

You can also use geographic information and keywords so that LeadSift can find the tweets from the users located in your chosen areas. For instance, if you own a coffee shop in New York City, LeadSift’s algorithms will help you find the tweets from the users located in New York looking to buy a coffee. You can further initiate the engagement by targeting campaigns and creating relationships with the audience to turn them into profitable customers. 


Buffer is another social marketing solution currently enjoying a customer base of more than four million users. It is a well-known social media management tool with content scheduling and posting options for major social networks. The tool also provides detailed analytics of your posts, activities, influencer engagement, reach, etc. 

With Buffer, it has become easier to create custom social schedules for your business’s social networks. The tool also allows you to re-buffer, resharing any posts requiring extra effort. 


Managing social media and creating engaging content is a tedious job, but with SnapRetail, you can turn an average small business into a powerhouse of social media marketing with ready-to-use content. The tool offers a built-in library with hundreds and thousands of prewritten, customized social media posts to choose from. This way, it eliminates the difficult stage of crafting aesthetic and engaging posts. 

You can create several posters and content with SnapRetail and publish them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. A calendar interface is also available to schedule the daily updates easily. 

Sprout Social

If you are looking for a powerful social marketing solution, then Sprout Social can also help you out. It is a tool that comes in with the support of social media platforms and can transform your marketing strategy in no time. The tool guarantees to extract real business value from all your social platforms while boosting your brand’s online presence. 

With Sprout, you can analyze and track social media trends and ensure that your content resonates with a more significant impact on the audience. 

Sprout Social will allow you to spend less time on manual tasks and you will be connected more with your audience through an enhanced-personalized experience. The tool provides proper options to track engagement, publish and schedule content, in-depth analytics, and social listening. 

Final Thoughts

You can transform your marketing strategy for your small business by having a comprehensive toolkit by your side. This list of best social marketing solutions will help you decide on the perfect match for your business. Take them into use and let us know if they helped you out! 

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