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Ear piercings came a long way in the last few years. Once thought of as a crazy addicting trend, piercings are now seen in many forms by many people including celebrities and athletes.  

When most people think of body modification, the first thing that pops into their head is usually piercings. Whether it’s a basic lobe piercing or something more extreme like ear pointing, most people have had some experience with them.

But what about the history of ear piercings?  

Ear piercings have been around for thousands of years and continue to evolve with the times.  

In ancient Egyptian cultures, earrings were a symbol of wealth which meant that only wealthy women could afford them.  The more expensive the earrings, the higher class you were.

During this time, piercing was often seen on women of higher class because they had access to the gold and jewels that were needed for these types of earrings, making it a fashion statement.

It was also common practice for women who wore such accessories to be married, as these piercings were seen as a way of beautifying themselves for their husbands. 

In this blog, we will discuss different types of ear piercings.

How Long Does it Take for  Ear Piercings to Heal?

New piercing holes may take up to 1 year to heal.  

Because your body is treating them like an open wound (which they are), they are the most sensitive and will require the longest to heal. This is another reason to take great care with the healing process since you don’t want to risk contaminating your new piercings.

Of course, the healing process depends on the piercing type.

Earlobe piercings heal the fastest. They take on average one to two months to fully mend.

Other cartilage piercings on your ear will take longer to heal. A helix or tragus piercing may take up to six months or even a year to fully heal.

Do not remove your piercing jewelry for an extended period while your piercing is healing. This may cause the hole to close.

Types of Ear Piercings

Types of ear piercings

With so many various types of ear piercings available, it’s critical to learn every aspect of ear piercings. Before getting pierced you need to know exactly what you want, where you want it, how much it’ll cost, and how painful it’ll be.

Here are the three primary kinds of ear piercings:

The most popular type of piercings is lobe piercing, for example, standard lobe piercing, transverse lobe piercing, etc.

Additionally, outer ear piercings are also widely spread, they include tragus piercing, snug piercing, forward helix piercing, industrial piercing, auricle piercing.

Last but not least, inner ear piercings – anti-tragus piercing, helix piercing, rook piercing, etc.

Industrial Ear Piercings

ear piercings
Source: Marina Medical Center

Industrial ear piercings are not as widespread as many other piercings, but the number of those who have them is constantly growing. If you are interested in these types of piercings, then continue reading the article. 

An industrial piercing is a combination of two or more separate piercings that are located on either side of the ear and resemble a barbell. Industrial piercings can be made with any type of jewelry available, such as steel or organic materials.

The industrial piercing is usually placed horizontally along the area where your natural antihelix and helix meet. It is often referred to as the fleshy ridge behind your ear. Since this area is quite flexible, don’t worry if it swells up a bit during the first few days after you got your piercings done.

The piercing may take between two to four months or even longer to completely heal depending on your body’s reaction.

Ear Piercings Helix

Source: Mejuri.com

The helix piercing, nicknamed “spunky” and “chic,” is a cartilage piercing that sits on top of the ear.

This piercing, which is done with a tiny needle, has a low pain level. Barbells are most often used on these piercings. However, you are free to use whatever you like. There are a lot of affordable helix earrings available on Amazon, which makes them an ideal gift.

The helix piercing, which is often done on one ear, is usually more than 1/4 of an inch in size.

Because of this, you need to prepare yourself for attention and questions!

There are some myths that surround this piercing. Some people believe that it’s the most painful of all piercings, but this isn’t true. Helix ear piercings only hurt a little. Others believe that it’s easy to irritate your piercing and cause an infection, but this isn’t true either.

If you take good care of your helix piercing, then you won’t have any problems. Looking after the piercing is pretty simple: just clean it with warm water and sea salt twice a day, and wait.

Ear Piercings Orbital

Source: Right Piercing

When two holes are drilled in the same part of the ear and connected by a hoop earring, it is known as an orbital piercing.

This piercing is positioned in the ear in a variety of ways, but the lobe and cartilage are the most popular.

You may also add another hole next to a single ear piercing to create an orbital.

The lobe ear piercings are *bearable* in the sense that they’re done in a fleshy section of the ear and may heal within six to eight weeks.

However, if you choose to put it on your cartilage, prepare for a more stinging pain since the region is much less resilient. It generally takes three to five months to fully heal.

All in All

To conclude, ear piercings have had a long history as an adornment of the body since ancient times and there wasn’t a single culture that didn’t use it. They were used for many purposes such as keeping someone’s attention during conversations, wishing luck, showing beauty, and more.

Today, ear piercings are still popular not only among women but also men and they come in various forms. However, before deciding on any of the piercing types, you have to make sure you know everything about the piercing: from recovery time to pain level and care.

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