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If you didn’t secure your favorite bike till now, then friend, you are making a huge mistake.

Because anything can be stolen if not secure, so you are just paving the way for the thieves if you don’t lock your bike with a bike lock.

But most people don’t use bike locks because they can’t put on trust in the bike locks because of the lock’s less strength, heavyweight, and complex mechanism. Also, some people don’t use bike locks because of their average outlook.

So we have come up with the five best lightweight bike locks with all the qualities you badly want. Continue reading if you don’t want to miss out on these.

Five Lightweight and Top Quality Bike Locks

Picking five bike best locks wasn’t an easy task for us when there are so many good quality locks on the market. So we have done vast research and tested a lot of bike locks. Though we have tried to put most of the things in this article, if you want to know more, please visit our website Bikeinquire. So after doing all these researches and tests, we found our top five lightweight bike locks. Here are they:

ABUS Granit Xplus 54 Mini

ABUS U-Lock Granit X-Plus 540 Bike Locks

So the first bike lock that made it to our list is the ABUS Granit Xplus 54 mini bike lock. With its 13 mm sturdy square-headed shackle, you can remain worry-free. And the lock also weighs very little, so you won’t face any difficulties while carrying it. Though it’s not so big, you would find every necessary feature in this masterpiece.

Key Features
  • It holds a sold secure gold rating and 15/15 ABUS rating
  • Weighs a little
  • Allows plenty of space for bike
  • Its price is also very affordable
  • Has an X-plus key cylinder
  • Its ART level 3 certified
  • It is entirely resistant to bolt cutters
  • The x-plus key cylinder provides hundred percent security
  • The keys have LED light
  • It’s locking area is a little small
  • Fancy outlook lovers won’t find it interesting

Kryptonite New-U Evolution Lite Mini-6

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket


After the ABUS Granite, the best bike locker that made it to our choice list is the Kryptonite New-U evolution lite Mini-6. We are not surprised at all that the kryptonite made it to our list. Because they have been manufacturing bike locks for over 40 years. Moreover, their locks will provide you with features that are undoubtedly very effective.

Key Features
  • The lock is very lightweight
  • It has a solid steel shackle that is almost unbreakable
  • It is made with “Max-performance” steel
  • It has a Sold secure silver rating
  • You will get a lifetime warranty with this product
  • Its 11mm shackle can provide strength like 13 mm shackle
  • It has a high-security cylinder
  • Its shackle is a little small in size

Giant Surelock Air Loop (not available)

Our third pick is a super pocketable and tool-free giant Surelock air loop bike lock. If you are fond of handy locks, this giant Surelock will catch your attention at the very first look. It is a mini karabiner- style hook that has a 90 cm cable lock. That’s why you can lock the frame, wheels, helmet, strap, etc with it.

Key Features
  • It has a unique locking mechanism
  • It weighs very little
  • Its price is also very affordable
  • No key is needed
  • It’s very light and compacted
  • It uses a three-digit combination locking system
  • Organizing cables can bother you sometimes

Ottolock Cinch Lock

OTTOLOCK Cinch Lock: 60", Stealth Black

The next lightweight bike lock that caught our eye is the all-new Ottolock Cinch lock. Because of its ultralight weight, fancy outlook, and heavy effective features, it has gained many people’s trust in recent times. Unlike other bike locks, it won’t damage your bike’s paint. So you can remain worry-free about your bike’s security or your bike’s paint.

Key Features
  • It has a strap style design
  • It is 152 cm long, so you can lock multiple bikes with it
  • This lock is very lightweight; almost 260 grams
  • The lock is key free
  • It has a great outlook
  • It is a super-compacted bike lock
  • It won’t do any harm to your bike’s paint
  • It’s a little pricey

Litelok Silver Flexi-U Regular


The last bike lock that made its way to our list is the Litelok silver Flexi-U regular bike lock. Because of its unique belt style design and flexible structure, it has caught our attention. Besides the smart strap design, the lock also has a proven locking system like a U-shaped bike lock. Also, it is entirely resistant against bolt cutters or burst breaking methods. So you can entirely rely on this lock.

Key Features
  • It has a Sold Secure Gold rating, which is pretty impressive
  • Unbreakable with bolt cutters
  • It has a flexible strap design
  • It shows impressive toughness against rough weather
  • It is a very lightweight bike lock
  • Provides high security
  • Very easy to carry
  • Its price is a bit high
  • It’s a key-based lock, so you might fall in trouble if you lose the keys

Final verdict

Your bike is not just a two-wheel vehicle that helps you spend the weekend; it bears so much memory and emotion. So your bike deserves adequate security. If you didn’t secure your bike till now, don’t let this mistake go long. Research a little about bike locks or read our article carefully to know some of the best bike locks on the market.

Bring your bike’s lock today!

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