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Learning how to play the bass is easier with a good understanding of how to tune it.
However, tuning your bass guitar by ear is an art that can be developed over time and practice. Thus, the best approach to enhance your time feel and rhythmic consistency is to practice with an online bass tuner from Tune My Bass!

💡 If you are using online bass tuner from a mobile device, rotate it to display bass tuner in full width

How to use online bass tuner?

Using our online bass tuner is very easy and time-consuming. However, in order to make the process less stressful, here is the user’s manual.

Step 1

  • Select an appropriate tuning from our list.
  • Select the string and tap it to begin playing the specific note.
  • Simply click on the string again, in case you want to stop.

Step 2

  • It is advised to use distortion settings. This will enable you to hear more clearly, making it easier to listen to the notes on phones and speakers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The website also allows the users to use some keyboard shortcuts.
  • If you want to stop tunning, just click [s]
  • [b] [e] [a] [d] [g] are the most common tuning notes
  • Use [space-bar] if you want to activate or advance some notes of selected tuning.


If you’re having trouble playing audio, clear your cache and cookies or try a different browser.

Advantages of an Online Bass Tuner

An online bass tuner is a perfect opportunity for you to start your musical journey.
  • It usually features video lessons on how to tune your bass by ear. Even though this is a very challenging process, you can still learn valuable information about the instrument.
  • It improves your rhythm by using a perfect and steady beat.
  • It enables you to experiment with different rhythms and find the one you like the most.
  • It is a comfortable tool designed to make your experience fun and easy.
  • Online tuners do not require installation on your computer since they run directly from the website.
  • Online bass tuners are free, no need to pay for additional software.
  • Also, the only thing you need to use an online bass tuner is a good internet connection and a modern browser that supports HTML.

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