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There are several benefits of automation testing to the automation testing company. This causes a decrease in testing effort, enhanced regression testing, testing schedule, good test coverage, and enhanced productivity.

On the contrary, the demand for better products increases the requirement for continuous improvement and innovative techniques to increase the speed of the testing process.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of seven test automation techniques used by automation testing companies.

Apply generic tests for all the arrangements

Usually, manual triggers are required to test apps across different screen sizes, browsers, platforms, and devices. Testing within an environment can be automated. Low-level keywords fork according to the device it interacts with, for automated test triggering.

API Testing

The proliferation of cloud technology has led to a rise in the popularity of API components amongst developers. The programmable web is a good source of information and news regarding the internet-based app programming interface. It has 16,590 APIs in its database. They do not have a graphic interface. Therefore, API testing is done to check security, performance, reliability, and functionality. This is done at the message layer and it is manual. A script with a worldwide variable can be written to automate these API calls. 

The primary request issues the token. This is saved in the global variable. This will be utilized for API calls.

Web Service Testing

To test the web services, input data is required to be altered to test for the variations. It needs modification of the JSONS/XML input framework all the time to accommodate data variation. Automated testing frameworks like Salesforce permit non-technical users by maintaining the needed information in excel. This permits the tester to modify the variables there and call it when required without touching XML.

It decreases the burden of remembering variables already utilized to avoid duplication. This gives rise to new errors.

Testing for Updates

There is always a requirement for a new user ID whenever testing is done for updated features in web services. As a result, the cache will not influence the outcome. This is very difficult for the tester. To overcome this, a script is written to re-establish the database by eradicating the new alterations or cleaning it up to make it able to use the same information. 

Parallel Testing

Some tools like NCrunch and BrowserStack permit parallel test execution on various devices but some don’t. An automated script can make this happen on different virtual and real machines. This activates the testing one after another, with a shorter lag between each. This gives an image that the tests are running in parallel. This parallel testing raises the quantity of execution at any provided time. Hence, this proves that it is very cost-effective.

Socket Programming Testing

In the case of socket programming, a few programs need testing on the local machine and the server and then they take it back to the local machine. The tester requires stopping the testing on the local machine. This will help to access the server to test a few components there. After this, the testing will be resumed on the local machine. Rather than this, a handshake code can activate the testing on the servers from the back and the local system as required without the requirement for manual intervention in a dispersed testing environment. In other words, it not only saves manual efforts but makes the process extremely efficient. 

Keyword Testing

For web pages, one of the most important ways to produce traffic that can convert into revenues is relevant advertising. This will guarantee good footfall. Keywords are imperative and they will have a required impact only if they are selected wisely. For example, an advertisement for sports-relevant wares always pops up when you are reading sports-relevant content.

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