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AGT 2021 just announced its winner. The season lasted for the whole summer and featured more than 20 episodes.

For those of you who don’t know, AGT stands for America’s Got Talent and is a talent contest that has been on air since 2006.

The contest engages a wide range of participants, both domestically and internationally, with talents ranging from singing, dancing, comedy, magic, acrobatics, variety acts, and so on.

The line-up of judges of AGT season 16 included Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara, with each aspiring participant attempting to impress a panel of judges in order to get a place on the live episodes of a season.

In order to be eligible for the live shows, contestants must complete a series of preliminary tasks in an attempt to impress both the judges and the audience’s approval. Those who make it into the live episodes compete against one other for both judge and public votes to win a large cash prize of $1000000.

Since the AGT 2021 just ended, let’s discuss some of the most exciting aspects of the season.

America’s Got Talent Vote

The makers of AGT 2021 have provided two main voting systems for the audience to choose from.

The first method is via Mobile App. 

Viewers could install The AGT 2021 Official App from the App Store or Google Playstore if they had an iOS or Android mobile device.

After that, users had to sign in/register for the app using their NBCUniversal Profile account. After they have voted, their selections appeared on the screen.

To record their choices, they had to click the VOTE button and choose the action they wished to vote for. To finish saving the votes, they simply clicked the Submit Votes button.

However, on each voting window, users were able to cast ten votes total.

The second voting method is NBC.com.

Voting method

This was yet another approach to express your support for the show’s contestants. To use this voting method, visitors had to go to nbc.com/AGTVOTE on their browser.

Then, again, register with their NBCUniversal profile, and choose the acts and the contestant they liked the most.

The viewers could also vote for their favorite participant during the Overnight Voting Window, available from 10 p.m. ET through 6 a.m. ET. After this period had elapsed, the ballot was no longer valid.

There was also a separate voting system for the Wildcard acts/performances and the voting mentioned above. The audience could also vote for their favorite contestant by using Twitter.

America’s Got Talent Finalists

AGT 2021 has selected ten finalists from the semi-finals. During the final show, the part of them was eliminated.

America’s got talent results are as follows: 

Lea Kyle, who finished in fifth place, was performing a quick costume change. She is a well-known french magician that earned a golden buzzer.

Brooke Simpson was eliminated in fourth place. The singer also participated in the TV show The Voice, where she ended up in third place.

Aerialist Aidan Bryant placed second, with Josh Blue winning a third place as a comedian.

Winner of America’s Got Talent

AGT 2021 winner

Source: cnn.com

AGT 2021 results were pretty predictable, as the winner Dustin Tavella gained many fans during the show. Dustin Tavella worked for a nonprofit organization that assisted the homeless and mentored youth programs before pursuing a career in music.

He began to understand the power of uplifting music after he recognized its effect on others. He committed himself to a career in entertainment, songwriting, and recording his R&B-influenced pop tunes and uploading them on YouTube.

He started releasing singles in 2011 and gained some national attention when he appeared on CMT’s dating reality show Sweet Home Alabama the following year. He incorporated a touch of country into his predominantly urban music, releasing a few of the program’s songs as singles.

In 2013, he released the single “Everybody Knows (Douchebag),” which skyrocketed in popularity when pop singer and Instagram celebrity Selena Gomez choreographed a dance video for the song as a farewell to ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Gomez appeared in Tavella’s official music video a few months later as a cameo. 

Now, when we already know the show’s winner, let’s make something about the prize clear. 

As we already mentioned, the prize is $1000000.

However, winners can get their prize: either with an annuity of 40 years or with a present cash value.

In 2011, Forbes looked at the prize money.  According to the publication, if a winner picked the first option of dividing their award over 40 years, they would only receive around $25,000 a year before taxes. Additionally, If the champion went with the “present cash value,” they would receive around $300,000 before taxes.

Although the first choice may be better for younger competitors and the second option might be preferable for older contestants, neither certainly equals $1 million. However, the success of an AGT winner is more than just a reward.

The show’s reach and popularity are exemplified by fifteen years on-air and a roster of champions.

Past winners have succeeded in their unique ways beyond the tiny screen. Brandon Leake, the winner of Season 15’s spoken-word category, signed with United Talent Agency, while Kodi Lee, who won Season 14’s singing competition, secured a recording contract with Columbia Records/Syco.

More significantly, Grace Vanderwaal is as popular as ever, with four million followers on Instagram and nearly two million listens on Spotify.

Wrapping Up

AGT 2021 has come to an end. With the final winner announced, we can say farewell and look forward to new talent in 2022!

 How much do you know about America’s Got Talent? If the answer is not a whole lot, then it’s time to get up to speed. As one of the most-watched TV programs in history, AGT has been entertaining audiences for years and counting with its combination of talent and drama. Both viewers from the US and worldwide fans in over 160 countries watched the show during its run in 2013. 

It is incredible to see talented people in different spheres and backgrounds compete for one prize on such an enormous stage—and we can’t wait until it’s back again! Do you plan on tuning in to the season when it airs next year?

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