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Cat toys are expensive. Sometimes we just cannot afford buying toys for our feline friends. The good news is that you can make toys for your cat with cheap things at home. DIY cat toys are a great way to keep your cat busy without breaking your bank account.

Additionally, some manufactured cat toys contain harmful ingredients that can be extremely bad for your cat’s health. Since you are making DIY toys, you will know exactly what goes into them.

Cats are natural predators. They love playing with feathers or bugs that they can chase after. You can make your feline friend happy by creating toys out of their favorite items.

In this article, we have gathered some great DIY cat toys your cats will love. Our collection of DIY  cat toys is super easy to make and most importantly, cheap. These cost-effective toy ideas are excellent for getting rid of a couch potato indoor kitty or a mischievous kitten.

Best Cat Toys

Before moving on with the list, let’s understand the types of best cat toys that your friend will enjoy.

It’s important not just to have fun with your pet but also learn about its needs – what does it like playing with most? which toys does it prefer over others?

1) Interactive Toy – For a happy life for your pet – The first one you need to go for is an interactive toy – this will keep them engaged with their surroundings and help them use up all their energy so that they don’t get bored or depressed. These kinds of toys include wand-type pointer , feather duster type toys, basic laser pointers, etc. It’s also important you buy catnip spray to attract your feline friend more towards these types of playing objects.

2) Cat Tree House – If your pet is creative and loves building things then it’s time you give him/her a cat tree house which can be one of the best ways to keep your pet engaged and entertained. Cats need tall spaces to keep them active and this will definitely help them a lot.

3) Toy Ball – If your animal is a foodie then it won’t take much time for you to get a toy ball home because they love playing with these balls. The basic principle behind these toys is that food comes out when they play with it, so what’s there not to like? You can get tennis balls, round plastic ones or even the ones which have bells inside. It would be better if you get something brand new for your cat rather than old stuff from someone else because chances are high that your cat might not find it attractive anymore.

You can make countless pet supplies.

DIY Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

DIY cat toys

With the cold nights drawing in, cat owner’s might want to provide their pets with extra fun and warmth. Vet Dr Hisham Hamdy from The Pet Practice in Wembley suggests a few ideas on what you might like to do this winter:

Make a cardboard castle as cats love hiding inside small spots and attacking things through small openings.

You can also make a paper bag tunnel. Just cut two holes either side of the paper bag and your cat will have hours of fun chasing through it. Cats love to play with toilet rolls too. You can crinkle them or even put treats inside then roll them for that extra mews factor!

This will turn into a great and affordable cat tree house and will keep your feline from scratching your furniture or drapes. You can also make a scratch post by using an old broom stick and covering it with sisal rope which you can get from your local DIY store.

Once cats start scratching this type of equipment, you will see the difference as they won’t be scratching anything else and will stay away from plants and furniture.

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Cat Toys

DIY cat toys with yarn is the easiest way to keep your furry friend busy for hours. Toys with yarn provide a healthy way of exercising and stimulate their natural hunting instinct.  

You’ll need: Yarn, pencil, and scissors.

Step 1. Tie knot in yarn (leave about 20cm for the tail).

Step 2. Tie a loop at one end of the yarn to be the head of your cat toy. Wrap tightly around just under an inch to form a head shape. Tie another knot to secure it.

Step 3. Hold the loose end of the yarn with one hand and hold the pencil in your other hand. Twist the yarn around the pencil, alternating hands as you go to keep a consistent thickness. Cut at the point where you’d like ears to be, if desired. If extending into arms, take that length and again twist it around the pencil, your fingers or a Popsicle stick to form arms. Tie a knot at the top of the arms and fluff out at bottom if desired.

Step 4. Use scissors to trim yarn into shape, but be very careful not to snip thread that attaches head to body! These little guys can tend to be a little headstrong and will go flying off the table if you aren’t careful.

Step 5. Next, make the legs by loosening the yarn from around the pencil and tying a knot at one end of your desired leg length. Use a second piece of yarn to tie to the other side of the knot, making sort of an “x” shape to attach both legs together. Repeat if making more than one pair of legs.

Lastly, use a needle to thread yarn up through the head and down into the body. Tie a knot in both ends of this piece of yarn to secure it inside the body.

Wrapping Up

With these homemade cat toys, you can provide your kitty with hours of fun without spending too much money. You don’t have to spend a lot on expensive store-bought toys if you want to give your feline something new and exciting as an alternative. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at our recommendations on how to make DIY cat toys.

Make the most out of your experience and avoid small details that can harm your cat.

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