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Kidkraft is a company that specializes in children’s furniture and accessories. It was founded several decades ago, but it has seen a recent boom in its business ever since someone at the company had the brilliant idea of creating miniature replicas of iconic adult pieces.

Their catalog is filled with amazing items such as replicas of the VW camper van (complete with tiny pop-up roof), retro pinball machine, 15th-century Italian cathedral, and even the Titanic.

Kidkraft allows kids to enjoy the many pleasures of life’s small luxuries. We may believe that one day, they’ll outgrow these toys and lose interest in them. But I’m certain we’re wrong. Those toys are so entertaining that you won’t get bored once you start playing with them.

Kids are fascinated with anything miniature. Some day, they might be playing in their own dollhouse, but until then, owning a replica of the house will have to suffice.

And when you’re done with that, you can opt for more traditional toys such as model cars or even play kitchen appliances.

However, it’s not just about the top-of-the-range items either. The company also creates affordable kids’ furniture so your daughter can finally have her very own place in the living room. She’ll love sitting on her armchair while watching TV or reading a book in bed at night after putting all the Barbie dolls in their comfy beds.

In this article, we will discuss KidKraft and some of its bestsellers from Amazon.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone, and Curtains

KidKraft kitchen

Kidkraft kitchen sets are among the most popular toys for little girls. The KidKraft ultimate corner wooden play kitchen with lights & sounds is the ultimate Amazon bestseller. it is also very popular at Walmart and other leading retail stores. Kidkraft is a trusted toy brand for over 35 years.

The toy features a unique corner design that is both innovative and functional. The burners have realistic lights and sounds, as well as shelves and hooks for pots, pans, and accessories. All of the oven doors, microwave doors, refrigerator doors, freezer doors, and washer doors open and close with ease. There’s even a cordless phone with a hands-free clip! The sink can be removed for simple cleaning. Smartly constructed wooden construction makes the set durable. Kids can also rotate the knobs for turning on and off appliances.

The little girl’s kitchen’s dimensions are 32.7 x 42.4 x 36.5 inches. It does not weigh too much, so it is not readily carried or moved. According to the Kidkraft website, the assembly takes about 2 hours.

Instead, this playset is very suitable as a gift and can let your children enjoy their imaginations and creativity through cooking and role-playing. This set is also great for autistic children, as those kids can improve their social skills in the kitchen.

This Kidkraft playset is currently on sale. You can save up to 18%.


KidKraft 65093 Amelia Playhouse


Kidkraft Playhouse is another great choice if your kids prefer a playhouse that looks more like a dollhouse. This is actually the perfect playhouse for girls who love to redecorate their homes. However, even though it was designed as a toy for girls, boys would still enjoy playing with this toy!

It’s quite similar to American Plastic Toy Deluxe Pink Playhouse in terms of features and dimensions but has the traditional white and black colors that make it look more sophisticated compared to other dollhouses which feature pink or purple exteriors only.

The playhouse has three stories, four rooms, and a balcony. It also includes a gliding elevator, detailed scrollwork,  sturdy wood construction. This KidKraft playhouse comes with a step by step instructions. It can be easily assembled in one to two hours after all the parts are delivered.

This playhouse is considered a budget dollhouse because it’s very much affordable compared to other similar products in the market. The finished size of 30 cm makes this house a perfect product for kids who love playing with dolls or ballerinas!

This house offers plenty of space that may accommodate large dolls and pieces of furniture such as couches, tables, chairs, etc.

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set with 5 Vehicles and Moving Elevator

Racing set

It’s very safe for kids to play on this Kidkraft playset. When it comes to child safety, you just can’t compete with the experts. Nullify is a giant launch ramp. There are five vehicles in all: a truck, van, fire engine, train, and bus. A helicopter and helipad are included as well. The race starts with flashing lights. The car wash features spinning brushes that spin around the vehicle as it goes through the car wash cyclone.

The Mega Ramp Racing playset features a large loop, which is great for keeping all the cars together. The toys are very colorful and there are plenty of activities to keep your child entertained for hours on end. It’s easy to fold up for storage, too. This ride-on toy comes with five illustrated storybooks that have been created especially for our products by children’s author Neal Hoffman! You can bring your imagination to life as you play with it!

This KidKraft car ramp racer has everything both young boys and girls need in order to enjoy one another’s company while playing outside.

The playset’s dimensions are 24.49 x 14.57 x 22.36 inches. The set is made of only MDF and Plastic.

All in All

Kidkraft is a toy company that specializes in wooden toys for kids of all ages. Their products are safe for kids and are made of high-quality wood. The company tries to focus on modern designs for their products so they can appeal to the younger generation.

Kidkraft is a fine toy company with many loyal customers. Buyers are guaranteed that all orders will be received in one piece and free of damage when getting shipped from this retailer. There are no additional costs to pay when buying items from Kidkraft; customers only need to pay for shipping fees, which may vary depending on shipping location and total purchase amount. It’s worth noting that product prices might change depending on what day it is bought or where the buyer is located at the moment of purchase, but this isn’t a deal-breaker at all.

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