TikTok 101 Guide: Facts, Numbers, & Statistics

TikTok is now a story of two apps. Most of TikTok’s Western audience first belonged to Musical.ly. Its Eastern followers knew the original app better, and TikTok still runs a different version of the app in China called Douyin. Although Musical.ly was an extremely popular app in the…


Hate Crime Statistics In The USA

The U.S. is truly a melting pot of various people with different ideas, religions, cultures, races and many unique attributes that make for a very dynamic society. Some believe that this very diversity is what makes the U.S. great, some believe the opposite. What is true is that…


What is Child Domestic Violence?

Child domestic violence may be more common and widespread than people may think. The World Health Organization states that there are more than one million confirmed incidents of child domestic violence in the US.  People sometimes don't realize the wide range of actions that are considered as forms…

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BOSTON - NOVEMBER 9: A man along the parade route holds an American flag as the Veterans Day Parade passes by in Boston on November 11, 2014. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

VA Veteran Disability Claims & Rates for Conditions

VA Disability in the US The men and women who serve in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard put their lives at risk to serve our nation every day.  Individuals who are injured as a result of their service to the country may be eligible…


Hurricane Preparedness and Response – Be Ready

Hurricanes are intense storms that are dangerous and seriously cause environmental hazards such as tornadoes, strong winds, storm surge, and flooding. Having an extensive and effective evacuation plan should be available in case a hurricane is reported. The familiarity and preparedness with the subsequent warning terms, plan of…