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With the advent of digital bass tuners, it is becoming easier to tune your bass guitar. But for that, you need a good quality bass tuner that is pitch-perfect in its note detection capability. Many affordable pocket-sized models are now available in the market, and they work great with acoustic instruments and electric ones.

A common question among players is, how often do I need to tune my bass? The answer could vary depending upon the instrument, but three things should be kept in mind before adjusting:

1) Playability – If the instrument plays out of tune despite your best efforts, then you might have trouble during concerts or practice sessions. It becomes pretty aggravating, especially if you are on stage playing live music. So playability is the most critical factor, and if your instrument does not stay in tune, you might need to have it tuned often.

2) Comfort – You will be playing with your bass for a very long time during a gig or practice session, so don’t make it harder on yourself by choosing an instrument that is uncomfortable to play. A common mistake among players who use bass tuning machines is putting the strings too tight, causing unnecessary pain. When using bass guitar tuning machines, the rule of thumb for tension is about 10-15% of the string’s diameter as measured at the ball end. If you cannot find a bass tuner at that moment but still want your bass well-intoned, then try to get someone else to help you out.

3) Correspondency – The next important factor for choosing a frequency of tuning the guitar is considering the impact on you or others in the band playing a different tuning. It’s very confusing for your fellow musicians when they have to tune all the time (this happens a lot with open tunings). Sometimes we meet on gigs where people tune-up every song, which becomes distracting for the audience.  So, if you decide to use another tuning, consider using alternative fingerings to play familiar chords. Otherwise, you might spend a long time trying to find something that fits.

The 4 Bass Guitar Online Tuners


Fender bass tuner

This is the best online bass tuner is Fender.com. It has a wide variety of online tuning options. Besides the straightforward website to use, you can also download the Fender on your phone, like any other productivity app.

It is a free bass tuner app for ukulele and electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. As one of the top-rated bass tuner apps in the App Store, Fender Tune has been accurately designed for everyone from beginners to experts. You can also download the app on your android devices. With 22 free tuning options and an easy-to-use interface, this application is an excellent choice for sure. 


Bass tuner

Tuner-online.com, the industry’s best bass tuner for you to tune your guitar with. Tuning is done with the online bass tuner that works through a microphone on your device. This is a universal setting that will work for any bass guitar and most electric guitars.

Tuner-online is the fastest and proper way to tune your guitar. 

The sound wave’s frequency will allow you to tune each string perfectly. The quality entirely depends on the frequency response of the microphone and from the external noise. The website also allows the users to use the sound of the string for tuning by ear. This is an excellent opportunity for rare cases when people do not have a microphone.


Jamplay Bass tuner

JamPlay is considered the world’s leading online guitar-playing service. The company was founded in 2006 by Kevin Wimer, Jeff Booth, and Chris Dawson. In 2010, the company’s total revenue was $2 million. By 2013, it had grown to a little over $4 million with a growth of 105%.

The website offers an online free tuner that enables microphone access, which can tune a bass guitar and an electric guitar. This bass tuner lets you choose your preferred method. Play the guitar to match, or use the microphone on your computer. Tuning your guitar is a skill that can be learned with practice.

 The standard bass string notes are E, A, D, G, and B (lowest to highest).

 Every child’s line of the first fret should correspond with one another when tuning. This includes the low open “E” up to middle “B.” 3rds need to coincide between different strings too, such as 2nd (G), 4th or 5th(D), 6th (A), 8th: if any frets do not match these guidelines, then you will require assistance from an expert.

The standard 4 string bass tuning is done using an EADG instrument. However, presets on these online tuners let you change from a 4-string to a 5- string to a 6-string bass guitar.



Guitartricks.com is an online guitar lessons provider. Additionally, the website features a free online bass tuner that has made tuning an electric or acoustic guitar easy. It provides a guitar sound, so you’ll know precisely how every string should sound. The bass tuner also allows you to select from 6 different tunings.

To tune your bass guitar to a different note, click the button next to the desired note or press “strum,” and all open strings will sound at once. You have the option to use bass standard tuning or any number of preset alternative tunings that are selectable from a drop-down menu, just by clicking on it. If you want to work with a particular string, click on one of the tuning pegs to hear it.

Additionally, you can adjust each string autonomously via plus-minus buttons next to each tuning peg.


Nowadays, it is possible to tune a bass guitar with nothing more than an internet connection. Using just their computer or mobile device, a speaker, and a sound card, professional musicians and beginners alike can use the many free online tuners currently available. A tuner will make tuning a bass guitar much more straightforward for novice players. Later, with practice, you can learn to tune by ear too.

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