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Keratin hair treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin treatment, is a chemical procedure that can make hair appear straighter for up to 6 months. It creates a glossy sheen on hair and reduces frizz.

Keratin is a protein that the body produces naturally. It’s what hair and nails are composed of.

The materials used in these procedures might be wool, feathers, or horns. Keratin is present in a variety of shampoos and conditioners, although a salon treatment by a professional.

Getting a professional keratin treatment or doing one at home might provide the following advantages:

Smooth, Lustrous and Clean Hair

Keratin hair treatment smoothes adjacent cells that overlap to form hair strands, resulting in less frizz and smoother, better-defined hair. This is ideal for people who have fine, thin, or sensitive hair. It has a glossy, healthy appearance and does not produce much frizz when it dries.

Keratin can also be used to temporarily mend split ends, which might help to disguise them.

Permanent Effects

If you properly care for a keratin treatment by avoiding washing your hair too frequently (2 to 3 times a week is sufficient), it can last up to 6 months.

Easier to Manage Hair

Keratin treatment helps hair to be more manageable, especially if it is frizzy or thick.

If you style your hair on a regular basis, you’ll notice that after receiving a keratin hair treatment, it dries more quickly. Keratin cuts dry significantly faster than other types of hair.

Some claim that they can reduce their drying time by up to half.

Your hair will become healthier and stronger as a result of the greater air drying, which prevents it from heat damage.

Hair Growth

Keratin protects hair from breaking and makes it more resilient. Because the tips aren’t breaking off, this may lead to the perception that hair is growing faster. 

Here’s the list of 6 best keratin products for hair treatment.

1. KERATHERAPY Keratin Infused Daily Smoothing Cream

A heat-activated blow-dry treatment that can be used at the salon or at home. Shampoo leaves hair soft, smooth, and shiny. It also repairs and revitalizes dry, flat, or frayed hair into healthy, smooth, and lustrous strands.

It provides moisture, reduced breakage and split ends, smoother hair that is less prone to fly away or tangle, and protection from damage caused by the environment, chemical processing, or heat styling.

The product includes

  • Argan Oil: Flaxseed is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E, which helps to restore hair’s suppleness and luster.
  • Collagen: Omega-rich and high in aminos, promotes hair strength and suppleness by bonding to it
  • Amino Acid: Hair becomes softer and easier to manage after treatment
keratin hair treatment

2. Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

Biotin Protein with Castor Oil Repair for dry damaged and color treated hair – conditioning treatment for curly or straight thin fine hair. 

Vitamins’ tried-and-true optimal nutrient rich treatments deeply moisturize & soften hair, repair dry damaged & color treated hair, heal split ends, & add gloss & shine for luxury hair that attracts attention.

Hair beauty products are suitable for all hair types because they are enriched with a complex containing keratin extract, Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat Germ (Triticum Vulgare) Oil, and Vitamin E.

Vitamins Hair Cosmetics products are cruelty free, Paraben and Sulfate-Free. They’re made to soothe hair without weighing It down for total hydration and healing.

3. Premium Keratin Hair Mask

Hair mask for dry damaged hair, which deeply repairs and conditions hair to bring it back to its natural healthy state. Corrosion and heat damage may be reversed and treated with a damaged hair treatment repair.

Hair is wonderfully healthy and simple to manage due to the restoration of damaged hair treatment. All hair types, including dry, damaged, fragile and color-treated. The SUNATORIA keratin hair treatment mask will aid with the repair of split ends caused by years of color treatments.

4. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 300ml Professional Complex Blowout

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 300ml Professional Complex Blowout with Argan Oil Improved Formula and Fragrance Keratin Research Keratina Brasilera Tratamiento is advanced, fast, and simple-to-use keratin hair treatment that straightens, smoothes, repairs, conditions, and strengthens the hair from the inside out with an intensive conditioning solution that restores vitality by regenerating the hair from the inside out. The incredible outcomes will leave hair resilient, flexible, and silky with a natural glint.

The Keratin Hair Treatment from Wella is made with Argan oil, coconut oils, proteins and amino acid complexes to provide strong moisture bonding for healthy and glossy hair.

Save yourself the countless hours and damage of blow dryers and hair straighteners with the Keratin Research Original Formula Keratin Treatment.

5. Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum

Keratin Protein Hair Care Moisturizer Serum is a “building block” protein that works quickly to moisturize, brighten, and restore dry and damaged hair. The hair hydrating serum leaves your hair clean and silky with no oily residue to weigh it down, and it’s free of alcohol and sulfates.

Restores hair balance, moisture, and health to damaged, dry straight or curly hair that has been over processed and promotes split end repair and hair shine.

Complex anti-frizz hair serum nourishes and moisturizes the hair shaft. Leaves hair clean and silky, yet without the weight of residue to weigh it down.

6. CHI Keratin K-Trix 5 Smoothing Treatment

Thermally activated smoothing treatment works with the heat of a styling iron to smooth the hair cuticle, seal in moisture, and prevent humidity. Keratin Complex Extreme, a new line of Keratin-infused shampoos for severely damaged, dry hair that creates smooth and frizz-free styles that last up to 5 days after washing (based on shampooing once a day).

It gently cleanses and purifies the hair and scalp of impurities while simultaneously balancing oil levels and improving the strength of hair. Tea tree and peppermint oils work together to balance scalp oils and keep moisture levels in check.

Apply a little amount of product to hair and work it evenly before drying. Blow dry hair and use the CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron to finish it off.


After that, read the instructions. Is there a detailed guide on how to wash, dry, and curl your hair? If you don’t, you’ll almost certainly have a typical conditioning product, not a keratin treatment. Even if you get a genuine keratin service, your results will not last as long as those at the salon.

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